Chile chooses ‘Blanquita’ for Best International Feature race

Chile chooses ‘Blanquita’ for Best International Feature race

The film explores child prostitution scandal that shook the country in the early 2000s.

Chile has submitted ‘Blanquita’ for the Best International Feature race, a film directed by Fernando Guzzoni which explores a child prostitution scandal that took place in the country during the early 2000s.

“Once again we are witnessing both the quality and diversity of our cinema, as well as the criteria and commitment of our partners: 70% of them voted in this process, the most participatory since we as an Academy have been in charge of choosing the film that represents Chile at the Oscars,” said Josefina Undurraga, the director of the Chilean Film Academy.

Blanquita stars Laura López as the resident of a foster home who is has to testify in a legal case against politicians and businessmen implicated in a child sex scandal. The casting also includes Alejandro Goic, Amparo Noguera, Marcelo Alonso and Daniela Ramirez. 

“I am very honored that Blanquita is Chile’s representative at the Oscars and grateful for the support of all my colleagues at the Film Academy,” declared Guzzoni. “The film puts forward in a thriller key an urgent issue about impunity and structural injustice in our country, therefore, it combines audience vocation and a story with high social sensitivity,” he said.

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