EU suspects Russian pipelines were sabotaged

EU suspects Russian pipelines were sabotaged

Several EU states claimed that the two Russian gas pipelines to Europe that have been pouring gas into the Baltics had been attacked. In response, the bloc’s top diplomat said any deliberate disruption of EU energy infrastructure would be met with a “forceful and united response.”

The European Union believes that the cause of the leaks detected in the Nord Stream pipelines is the result of sabotage, Josep Borrell told German broadcaster ntv, echoing views expressed yesterday by Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The EU has not named a possible culprit or suggested a reason for it.

“Any deliberate disruption of European energy infrastructures is absolutely unacceptable and will be responded to in a forceful and unified manner,” Borrell said. Meanwhile, Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov said today that there is reason for concern about the security situation in the Baltic Sea region after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“Russia has a significant military presence in the Baltic Sea region and we expect its saber rattling to continue,” Bodskov said in a statement. He further maintained that it could be a week or two before the areas around the damaged pipelines were quiet enough to be investigated.

Separately, the Swedish prosecutor’s office said it will review material from a police investigation into the pipeline damage and decide what action to take. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson had said yesterday that two explosions linked to the leaks had been detected. While this does not represent an attack on Sweden, Stockholm is in close contact with partners such as NATO.

Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden said they had recorded two powerful explosions on Monday in the vicinity of the leaks. They further detailed that the explosions occurred in the water, not under the seabed.

The Nord Stream pipelines have been the flashpoint in a growing energy war between European capitals and Moscow that has hurt major Western economies, sent gas prices soaring and spurred the search for alternative supplies.

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