Hungary pledges to defend anti-LGBT law in EU court

Hungary’s government has announced its commitment to defend the anti-LGBT law that has sparked controversy in the country and across the European Union. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said he is prepared to take the case to the European Court of Justice to defend the legislation.

The law, passed in June 2021, bans the depiction of homosexuality and gender reassignment in school curricula, advertising and television programmes for children under the age of 18. It also bans the promotion of homosexuality in public places, including children’s books and advertising. Many have criticised the law as discriminatory and in violation of human rights.

The Hungarian government has argued that the law is necessary to protect children from content that may affect their development. However, critics argue that the law is a clear violation of human rights and discriminatory towards the LGBT community.

The European Union has criticised the law and has initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary, which could lead to sanctions. The European Commission has said that the law goes against EU values and that discrimination in any form cannot be allowed.

The Hungarian government’s defence of the law has drawn criticism from human rights organisations and the LGBT community. Many have called on the EU to take stronger measures to protect the rights of the LGBT community in Hungary and throughout the European Union.

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