Oscars 2023 to include all categories on air

Variety reported that Bill Kramer announced all categories will be included in the live telecast.

Following a two-year controversy, the 2023 edition of the Oscars will include all 23 categories in the live telecast. Bill Kramer, CEO of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, announced the news to Variety: “I can confirm that all categories will be included in the live telecast.”

“We are committed to having a show that celebrates the artisans, the arts and sciences and the collaborative nature of moviemaking. This is very much what the mission of the Academy is, and I am very hopeful that we can do a show that celebrates all components of moviemaking in an entertaining and engaging way,” Kramer said.

Eight categories – original score, makeup and hairstyling, documentary short, film editing, production design, animated short, live action short and sound – were cut from the telecast, prompting several criticism from the film industry and workers.

“All I will say right now is that our anniversary, the 95th Oscars, is extremely important to us. I think it sets a really interesting rhythm for our 100th. You see this in the museum, I think we are able to celebrate our legacy while bringing the Academy into the future and the show will reflect that,” declared Kramer.

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